The Business Branding Academy

The Business Branding Academy was founded to provide expertly designed and educational branding and marketing resources to the busy, modern business owner.

We want to make cohesive branding more accessible for small business owners who are at the infancy of their business. We believe new businesses should be able to afford professional services, without compromising aesthetic.

More importantly, we want to empower small business owners to productively and efficiently run their creative and solo businesses. 

Dream Client Planning Training

This training will help you complete the most important action item when branding your company. Walk away with a full understanding of your 

DIY Professional Business Branding Course

A self-paced brand and marketing course for the solopreneur who needs a professional brand design to attract higher-paying clients.

Meet Latesha

Brand Strategist. Graphic Designer. Energetic Podcast Lover.

Hi, I’m Latesha, an Atlanta-transplant and lover of everything family, travel, and design.

Actually, in many ways, I am just like you. I, too, am a proud business owner. Thankfully, I credit my creatively analytical mindset, passion for design, and especially my mom — she is my biggest cheerleader– to get me to where I am today.